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Borrow between USD 2,000 and USD 20,000 from E-Money and get your money fast! – Fast and Flexible Loan

Fast loans are high cost credits. You can get payment notes if you do not pay your debt. The budget and debt adviser in your municipality can advise you.

E-Money was founded in 2006 and has always had a vision to fill the economic gaps in people’s private lives that traditional banks cannot handle. E-Money is part of the large Folkefinansgruppen, which indicates a great security and security in the loans. E-Money makes the loans more customer friendly through smaller and more flexible loans.

Services & products


E-Money offers loans from USD 2000 to USD 20,000. The maturity of the loans at E-Money is a bit dependent on the amount of money you choose to borrow. Overall, the term extends between one month and one year. For example, if you take a loan of USD 2000, the maturity is locked to one month, on the other hand, you take out a loan of 12,000 and you get to choose the maturity from three months to ten months.

Applying for an SMS loan with E-Money is very easy. For new customers, the application is made on the website, via telephone call or SMS. You identify yourself with the help of e-identification or BankID. For repeat customers it is enough to send an SMS in which you simply specify how much you want to borrow. Applications are processed during customer service opening hours.

interest rates


E-Money’s interest rates depend on how much you borrow, of course, but also on your financial background. Therefore, it is difficult to set a general interest rate.

Instead, a representative interest rate example is given here. Suppose you borrow USD 10,000 over twelve months. Then there will be an organization fee of USD 350 and a management fee of USD 45 per month. The annual interest rate is 39% and the effective interest rate is 71%. This gives a total cost of the loan of USD 13,159.


To borrow from E-Money, you must:

  • you are at least 18 years old
  • you have a taxable income in Sweden
  • you are registered in Sweden


You can reach E-Money by phone, mail or traditional letter. Customer service is open weekdays 08:00 – 18:00, Saturdays 10:00 – 15:00 and Sundays and holidays 10:00 – 15:00. These times are considered normal for lenders in the Swedish loan market.



E-Money is a large and well-known lender offering loans at reasonable interest rates and even high amounts. It is a lender to turn to when you need a quick deposit at checkout and want to be sure it is a decent, serious loan you get. The website is also very serious and also gives clear explanations for how much different loans cost.

  • benefits
  • drawbacks
  • Safe lenders
  • Customer service all week
  • High maximum amount
  • No payment on weekends