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Buying a used car: a way to save money … If we do it right!

The argus has published its figures for the year 2015: a new car costs on average more than 25,000 euros. This is a record, especially if we know that the average price of a new car had already jumped 1100 euros in 2014 and 5350 euros since 2010. This represents a price increase of 27% in five years!

The new has never been so expensive


Why such an increase? And the French buy their new car more expensive, especially because there have never been so many innovations in terms of equipment, comfort and safety. The result is an increase in the bill: 43% of new cars bought in 2015 were worth more than 25,000 euros.

That’s why the second-hand market remains the best way for the consumer to afford a new car at a lower cost. And this trend is sustainable: for a new car bought three used cars find takers.

Why such a craze for used cars?


First of all the price: from the first year of putting into circulation a car loses on average 25% of its initial value. It is understandable that buying a used car is motivated by a lower cost to purchase, but also a discount less fast than a new car. But it’s not just the price that makes it a good deal for the French:

  • For 62% a purchase of used car can benefit from an almost new car.
  • For 52% it is a vehicle that will not undergo a haircut like new cars.
  • To a lesser extent the guarantee and the immediate availability of the vehicle are mentioned (respectively 31 and 30%).

Which means that to start buying a used car is first and foremost a good deal. For a majority of French is to find a near-new car at a lower cost and will not suffer a rapid depreciation. For another part it is also a necessity: with prices higher and higher to buy a new car it is necessary for them to buy a used car, often older.

However, buying a used car takes more time and is a stressful experience for the consumer because the scam is never far away!

A good compromise between comfort, security and good opportunity


There are indeed alternatives that aim to help consumers find themselves in the jungle that is the market of used cars. We have tried for you the aggregator of ads of European cars: Good Finance.

Good Finance brings together all used car ads all over Western Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Benelux, …), which allows to find the best deal, wherever it is. Indeed, the price of used cars are very dependent on the country, or even the region, where they are.

But Good Finance is especially a real “concierge” who accompanies you in the purchase of your used car, including by offering services to the card:

  • The research
  • The expertise of the car
  • Price negotiation
  • The delivery
  • Registration (very convenient if the car is foreign)
  • Warranty
  • The interview

The company is committed to staying within your initial budget, so if you want to make a good opportunity without either engaging with your eyes closed, Good Finance can be a good alternative. In any case we were seduced!