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How to get the student economy going – money smart tips!

Study time is a period in life that many go through and for most people it is financially tough. The scholarship from CSN is a good addition but is rarely sufficient to cover rent, food, mobile subscriptions, course literature, and everything else that belongs to everyday life.

There is also a lot going on during the study period which is sad to miss due to a declining bank account. With a little extra planning, however, it is possible to be involved in everything that the student life allows and avoid worrying about the economy. Here are some tips!

Work extra

Work extra

The best way to get a relatively normal income is to work extra. Then there are more kronor that rolls in every month. The problem most people experience with working extra as a student is the time. It is simply something you can try out. Is it possible to find a job with sufficient flexibility that you can customize based on your studies? Some periods may be calmer and you can then work extra, while others are more intense. If you can make it work, an extra sack is clearly the best way to wipe out the cash.

It can also be good to know that CSN has a free amount, which is the amount you as a student can earn each semester without affecting how much you receive in grants or loans. Note, however, that the free amount may change for each year and depend on the type of study.

Make a budget

One of the best ways to live economically and economically is to have a budget. A budget allows you as a student to keep track of exactly how much you have the opportunity to spend.

A hot tip is to also budget for savings, even if it is only a small amount a month, so you can cover unexpected costs. Make an overview of the total monthly income and start listing all costs. Then you can see your “must” expenses and perhaps the less important ones that you could reduce.

Take advantage of student discounts

Take advantage of student discounts

You should leave space in your shopping budget. Whether it’s clothes, new electronics gadgets or course literature, we sometimes need to buy something that can feel both unnecessary and necessary at the same time. It is then good to have access to a variety of student discounts that make it a little cheaper. One of the most well-known student cards that offer discounted rates is Mecenat, but there are other options as well. Do some research before you go shopping and see if there are any discounts!

Make food boxes

Eating out is both cozy and nice. To avoid the process of preparing the raw materials and the dish itself can feel comfortable and needed in a tough tent period. However, it is not very economical. As in, it is also not good for the wallet to shop sporadically during the week.

The best thing is to shop once and plan for lunch boxes to cover all days of the week. Spend Sunday making a big cook, which you can then throw into the micron during the week. This saves you time, money and dishes!

Stay together


In most Swedish student cities, housing rents are high, especially in relation to the income from CSN’s grants and student loans. Sharing accommodation, whether it is inherent, a girlfriend or a friend, is a smart solution for getting down in rent.

If you do not have a partner at the moment, you can hear from your friends or schoolmates, maybe one of them is also interested in bringing down their monthly expenses? Another option is to place an ad on ex. The block and see if anyone bites.