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How to raise money? – Credit

The longest day of the year and the shortest night of the year are approaching the rapid steps we all know as Ligo and Midsummer.

The tradition of this holiday goes back to the distant past, and with it comes “countless beliefs and customs.” Midsummer Night is often considered a night of miracles because of its peculiar magic and peculiar power.

Midsummer Night can predict your future and change your destiny!


Although we do not pay attention to beliefs and proverbs in our daily lives, celebration is still a time when we allow ourselves to dream and indulge in the magic of different proverbs.

While most Ligo celebrations and Midsummer beliefs are about beauty, health and marriage, there is also faith in money and wealth. Nowadays, money plays a very important role in everyone’s life, because without it people would not be able to survive normally, but to some it is more, to some less.

What can we do to make more money and not lose money?


Following a few Midsummer beliefs, you might be lucky enough to make money! Remember that miracles happen not only in fairy tales but also in life! Maybe you will experience a miracle this year! Just follow a few beliefs!

  • The Midsummer bonfire has to be located at the top of the mountain, because God is making money on the bonfire.
  • You can’t lend money on Midsummer’s Eve because spending will be much more than income.
  • At midnight on Midsummer night you need to wake up to the water, because in the morning you will be able to find money in shoes or pastas.
  • The daughters have to red one side of the piece on Midsummer Night, go to the river and throw it in the water. If a piece of water is lying on the red side up, the daughter will marry the poor, and if the other half will marry the rich man.
  • On Midsummer’s Eve, you need to frost on the flowers of the butterflies, tie them in a handkerchief and swim through the water or dew at night, as the flowers turn into silver or gold.
  • On a Midsummer night you have to walk your shoes on a race to become rich as the dew on your shoes turns into money.
  • The money buried in the ground dries up on Midsummer night. Where the money dries, you can see the flame there.
  • If you see a fire of money in the morning, noon, or midnight of Midsummer Day, you need to go there and throw something on it. If the hat is thrown, the money is 6 feet deep. If you put on shoes or pastels, only 1 foot deep.

While most of us today rely only on science and its proven facts


Sometimes it is good to believe in something that is not scientifically proven, so we wish you a happy treat and a happy Midsummer, while not forgetting these few beliefs, to know what to do at the holidays to increase your wealth!

In the event that none of these Midsummer beliefs have been successful in raising money, you may want to look at the Credit Comparison Portal, as it is understandable that celebrating any holiday requires a certain amount of money, and everyone may need to borrow after celebrating Midsummer!